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Washington Low-Income Energy Programs - LIHEAP Clearinghouse
Customer donations to help other customers in a time of need. A one-time payment of up to $100 helps another customer pay his/her utility bill when they do ...
WUTC: Programs can help keep the heat on
Energy Assistance Programs are available to help low-income customers pay their expensive heating bills during the cold winter months. Customers may have to ...!OpenDoc... - 18k
Your state like all other states are required by law to maintain utility programs for just this type of situation. 
It's a hand up not a hand out.  You cannot be disconnected especially during the winter months.
The very best to you this holiday season !!  
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For military People and Their Families

 in response to kudidinker...   Operation  It is all about helping military families get any aide possible.
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Aidpage group discussing "volunteering"...

 in response to DeborahAnn...   

Cant't encourage you enough to call Lighthouse in your area.  They have several programs that you can still get involved in for the Holidays.  Adopt A Family.  So many families are having difficulties right now.  Lightouse in whatever   They also have toys for tots/ coats for children for Holidays and Adopt a Senior programs.  For Thanksgiving they still need turkeys for Holiday meals.

Just pick up the phone....Volunteers of America, Red Cross, Catholic Charities!!!!

Good luck finding the right thing to do for you.  Everyone this year should be trying to find out what they can do for their neighbors or community. 

The Government seems hell bent on helping out the banking & auto industries.  Wouldn't it be better if an Executive order would come down that proposes a ceiling of 13% on credit card debt and auto makers required to sell backlogged inventory @ 1/2  price to try to get themselves out of their current business situation just like the rest of us.

Okay, now I am just ranting....

Good Luck & Happy Holidays !!   Remember when you pay it forward, it comes back !!


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